Cheap ($100/night and under) Hotels in Moscow

The Basilica Hotel. Rooms without bath are $70-90. "Business class" rooms with bath and a bottle of Champaign to relieve your after-the-flight syndrome for $110-140 but I'm still listing them here because for the type of accommodation and the location the rate is still good and some times same rooms can be had for $100 or under. >>

The Ismaylovo Hotel Complex. Just go to Metro Partizanskaya. Go up and you'll see several towers. That's where you need to go. The hotel complex is made of several hotels which, in turn, are sub-leased to individual operators. These operators send agents to the Metro station to catch clients. Sometimes/usually these offer good deals considerably under $100. Of these several hotels the one called Beta I think is the cheapest. Advantages of Izmailovo: close to Metro, near a part, near a huge souvenir market, inexpensive, lots of places to eat, OK access to city center, good availability, especially on weekends so there is no need to make a reservation - just show up and you won't be turned away and are unlikely to be charged more than $100/night. Disadvantages: huge buildings put up just before 1980 Olympic Games, crowds, omnipresent overbearing security.

The number of hotels in Moscow is up drastically. I will not attempt to document them all. Only those I know personally and visit regularly (The Basilica above is the only one for the moment) will be added to the list. Instead of trying to do a job that is beyond me I will refer you to these two good resources:

CTO Group - A huge database of hotels. Comprehensive support. I've been ordering invitations through the CTO Group for the last couple of years and has always been happy with them. A few accommodation enquiries sent to CTO where answered fully and promptly. Recommended. They also have an office in Saint-Petersubrg.

Budget Moscow has a list of cheap hotels that realistically offer rooms at $100 or under. Don't believe $40/night offers. These are there just to catch your attention. But $80-100 is quite possible. The list is up to date when added here (Nov. 22 2010).







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Dec. 5, 2004

Submissions from small / private / boutique hotels are especially welcomed!! Travellers are encouraged to make their input by writing me or better yet leaving a notice on my Board. response to repeated inquiries here is a list of expensive hotels.

cheap Moscow
Hotels & HostelS

REQUESTS OF THE SORT "CALL THE HOTEL AND SEE IF YOU CAN GET A BETTER RATE FOR ME, AND THEN i'll be happy to pay you" will be ignored at best. on a bad day you will get a rude response.

This means that I've seen it myself enough to have a good impression or even stayed there if my presence in Moscow was required while my apartment was rented out to you travellers.

And this indicates that I've eaten there.


"Hotel Universitetskaya" nearby the MGU.

Hotel Universitetskaya is located nearby Lomonosov University and offers single and double rooms with shower/bath starting at USD 40 per room. The hotel includes a restaurant, hairdresser, money exchange, sauna, and a 24h reception. A supermarket and other facilities are located right next door. 10min from metro "Universitetskaya"

A room at one of the three boats frozen into ice at the North River Port is 800 roubles per person or 1000 per couple ($30-35). Easy access to the city center, and very close to Sheremetyevo airports. Their numbers: 458-1224, 459-7996, and 459-7070. Watch out for a detailed report - I plan to stay there myself during my next raid on Moscow.

Moskva Hotel, near M. Tekstilshiki, 870 roubles ($35-40) for the cheapest room.

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From: Kenmartinlegal [AT ] aol [D OT] com
Sent: Friday, June 17, 2005 3:29 AM
Subject: Iris Congress Hotel
We spent several day at the Iris Congress last July (2004).  It was a great hotel, very clean.  Good English-speaking staff who were very helpful and attentive.  A little bit distant from the areas of tourist interest, but their hourly shuttle to Red Square is very efficient and comfortable.  Some of the best breakfasts we had as we traveled from Moscow to St. Peterburg, Barnaul and Gorno-Altaisk.  Highly recommend this one!

Valeri Brusov Floating Hotel
Krymskaya Naberezhnaya
238-6505, 238-6463, 238-7191
Fax: 238-7373
Hotel on a boat. $50-80, good availability. Superb location on the canal, by the monument to Columbus that was said to rejected by the States, after which it had its head replaced by that of Peter the Great and was installed in Moscow. Combined with a Karaoke bar and a casino, so don't take the 2nd level rooms - too noisy. Picturesque early 90s style Neanderthal security guards, metal detector on entry and other cute little time warp things. Lots of prostitutes but no complaints that they knock on your door at 2am. Drenched in cigarette smoke. Good availability as this hotel is new. Great value for money, lots of character, definitely recommended.  Very close to the Moscow House of Arts, Tretyakov Arts Gallery, Gorky Park. A few steps from my apartment (, making it a convenient place to spend a night or two in case of overlap with other guests.

Best Eastern Eridan
Balaklavsky Prospect 2, Moscow I 113639
Around $60-70/night
Sort of close to the Moscow State University. Far from just about everything else.

Vostok Hotel
Gostinichnaya 9, Moscow, Russia
Phone: +7 (0) 954 822 64

165 Mozhaiskoye, Moscow, Russia
Phone: +7 (0) 954 473 434
Way out in the outskirts of the city, west end. Probably cheap.

Sevastopol Hotel
Bolshaya Yushunkaya 1a, Moscow, Russia
Phone: +7 (0) 953 180 918

Altufyevskoye Shosse 2
(095) 401-99-84, 401-41-83, факс: (095) 401-84-39, 401-50-34
Rooms start at $25-30, 20-30 min. drive from Sheremetyevo

GostinichnyiProezd, 8, korp. 1
3rdfloor office #324
Moscow 127106
metro:  Vladykino
Notes:  Pros - Spacious and clean dorm room with ownbathroom.  Inexpensive at about 17dollars a night.  Friendly helpful receptionists.  Cons - Walk to metro too far, about 10 - 15 minutes.

$35-90. Stalin Skyscraper building near Leningrad, Yaroslavl and Kazan stations. Tel. 975-3032/1815. "Off the beaten track" attractions you would be close to are the Preobrazhensky Farmers Market and the Sokolniki Bicycle Market, both almost within walking distance. The Vernisage Arts and Crafts market will also be easy to access ($3-4 taxi ride).

Ul Tverskaya, Moscow, Russia
Phone: (+7-095) 299-1213
Have you ever been to Minsk (think Belarus, dictator Lukashenko)? That's one place where I didn't feel like getting off the train. The entire population has this distinct 45 tired of life look. The hotel is that way too. Bit it is cheap and functional. There are rumours that a single room can be had for $20 but $30-40 is probably more realistic. Great location right on Tverskaya, Moscow's main street, a few steps from the Kremlin. Tel. 299-1213/36/49. Their e-mail is but I would be surprised if they responded..

Near the National Exhibition.
Said to have all the basics, including on-duty interpreters and e-mail.
 8 Yaroslavskaya Ul., Bldg. 4, tel. 217-6786, $15-30 per night.
Lots of hotels in that area, mostly occupied by small-scale traders.

J.K. Guest House
Borisa Galushkina 9/2, 2nd floor, 286-2111
Should be inexpensive, judging from the area near the National Exhibition grounds. Cheap hostel option (about $25) available.

G&R Asia Hostel
Zelenodolskaya 3/2, 15th floor
Metro Ryazansky Prospekt
Tel. 378-0001, 378-2866,
( according to other sources)
Beds at $17/night. PRICE WENT UP TO $26 FOR BED
Visa support, tickets, traveller hangout atmosphere.

Leninsky Prospekt 1/2
959-8157, fax 238-25

721-3322, 792-9911/13, fax 792-9912, 956-0506, 166-3736, 166-4127, 166-0145/0136/63, 166-3736, 166-4345, 737-7000
For an unplanned visit to Moscow Izmailovo is perhaps safest bet. It is truly huge and something will nearly always be available. The hotel complex rents its floors out to private operators which play with prices and compete among themselves, so you can often get a real deal there. This hotel caters to Russian business travellers and thus tends to have lots of vacancies and low prices on weekends and holidays. It right next to the "Vernisage" arts/crafts/flea market, and very near a metro station (Izmailovsky Park). On the negative side it is huge, impersonal, and security is a nuisance. $25-60 for a double. Try the staff cafeteria, with quality food, including lots of vegetarian options, where you can gorge yourself for $4-5.


Selskokhozyaystvennaya 15/1, Metro Botanichesky Sad ("Botanical Garden"), tel. 189-7529. Rumours heared that if you know how to approach them you can have a whole room for $15. To be checked.... Cheapest price given over the phone for two was 1400R or $45, including registration. - Hotel reservations, may be able to arrange something in the "budget" range, eg. hostel for under $30. Other standard tour agency services: tickets, invitation and visa support, registration.

Tramp Hotel
Also check the Tramp hotel at Selskokhozyaistvennaya 17/2, building 7, and several other hotels in the same area. If everything seems booked and you want to be sure of getting something decent and budget, go either to Selskokhozyaystvennaya (Metro. Botanichesky Sad) or to Izmailovo (Metro Izmailovsky Park), and you'll have a roof over your head for under $40.

Travellers' Guest House
TGH specializes in backpackers and their biggest attraction is the traveller hangout atmosphere. They do  have a couple of rooms for $45-60 while a bed in a dorm-type arrangement is $20-26.  Located in a typical residential neighbourhood with panel buildings, cement fences and other attributes of early 70s Moscow. 

129110 Moscow
Bolshaya Pereyaslavskaya 50, 10th floor.

Tel.: (+7-095) 631-4059 / 280-4300
Fax: 280-7686

In 80% of cases you can just show up and for $23 you will get a bed in a small room shared with 4 fellow travellers.

Almost within walking distance to Leningradsky and Yaroslavsky train station, from which trains leave for Leningrad/St. Petersburg and Siberia, accordingly.

.. Came across their leaflet that claims they are the only "safe, clean, and affordable" place. With all the authority I have as an observer of the Moscow accommodation market I say they are "the last resort" type establishment.

Smolenskaya 8
Convenient location on the Garden Ring near the Arbat area. Getting a room there for $60 is realistic. The place is slightly on the crazy side but the price is right for the location. They have conference rooms and the location is good for that purpose.

127550 Dmitrovskoye Shosseh 27 kor. 1, Metro Temeryazyevskaya 700m, 30-40 min. from Sheremetyevo.
977-3155, 977-4777
Heard that it is fairly cheap, if the location does not bother you. Really I can't think of any attractions that way.. (May 2003: a group of 5 can stay there for $12-15 per person, the cheapest double is $45, and the cheapest single is just over $30). Breakfast included. Another advantage is that they...

Pervomayskaya Nizhnaya 77
Probably on the cheap side. Izmailovo is the neighbourhood made famous by the fact that I spent the first 16 years of my life, very near to a nursing college where I enrolled after grade 8 with the intention of becoming a doctor.  I'll look into the particulars shortly.... and I did and it was a disappointment as the cheapest single is around $50.

Leningradskoye 61, unit 3
I have an impression it is on the economy side. It is close to the Sheremetyevo airport, if you just need a place to stay between flights.... Told over the phone that the rate is 300R ($10) per hour and foreigners are NOT accepted.

Varvarka 6
$90-120, great location right by the Red Square. Ugly inside and out, and a 16-17th century neighbourhood was bulldozed to make way to this architectural monstrosity. You may receive calls from prostitutes at 2am but you can't invite your own guests. Well, you can if you go to the security office in the North Wing, then to the Director's office on the 2nd floor to have a stamp put on your pass, then to the Notary Public to have it certified etc. etc. But the price for the location makes this hotel hard to beat. I take my Misery Tourism guests there to contemplate groups of elderly Americans in stretch pants, following a guide with a stick. 

Selskokhozyaistvennaya 17/2
Unconfirmed but probably true rumours that it is extra cheap. Near the National Exhibition Grounds.

Kutuzovsky 2/1
$60 for a double with some luck. Those prone to claustrophobia attacks  stay out of this Stalin imperial style edifice.  [Dec. 27, 2003: Sorry to report than their lowest price is $100-something. Try Alexander in the Homestays section who will rent you a good double for $50, same building as the Ukraine Hotel.] 

Ukrainian Embassy Hotel
Voznesensky per. 17
(not market on most maps but it is between Brusov and Leontyevsky, behind the Moscow City Council on Tverskaya across the monument to Yuri-the-Long-Arms, the founder of Moscow)
777-2346, 777-2353, 229-1354

Sheremetyevo 1
To be checked out

Sheremetyevo 2
753-8094, 578-5735, 739-4464, 578-5753, 578-5754
Their sign above the exit gate of Sheremetyevo 1 proclaims "Comfortable rooms with all conveniences starting $30/night"

Yunost ("Youth")
$20-70. Has a conference hall. Location: 34 Khamovnichesky Val, Metro Sportivnaya. Near the Moscow State University, Novodevichy Convent. Tel. 242-4861

Zolotoy Kolos ("Golden Grain")
Under $30, 15 Yaroslavskaya near the National Exhibition Grounds and apparentluy build to house agriculture professionals. 286-2703.

"Boutique hotel" type
50 Ozerkovskaya Naberezynaya (Quay)
951-9753, 951-9582 (switch), 959-2406
Rooms start at $100+ but I'm listing it anyway because it is in my neighbourhood and because Ozerkovskaya is one of these new private cozy hotels that are popping up all over Moscow and because they have not yet made it into directories. 50 rooms, and seem quite cozy and "European" at the first glance. Also they some times have discounts, and getting a superb room for two for $70 is realistic. THE DISCOUNT IS ON NOW - MAY 3, 2003   GOOD FEEDBACK SEVERAL TIMES  Note: They cater to business travellers and thus tend to have room on weekends!!!

This hotel seem to cater to the Kievsky Market traders, and the square in front of the hotel is where I take people on my Moscow-the-Ugly tours (see Russian Misery Tourism). The price, however, is under 500R ($15-17), and the location is pretty good, near Kutuzovsky Avenue, close to Radisson-Slavyanskaya and Ukraina. Tel. 240-1444/5378. Nearest Metro station: Kievskaya.   April 10/2003: 700R ($23) given a room and registration for two persons. Very little in the way of conveniences and the immediate surroundings are scary but the area on the whole is superb.

Orlyonok ("Little Eagle")
Rates around $60-70. 15 Ulitsa Kosygina, in the Moscow State University / Sparrow (Lenin) Hills area. Not far from the center but a quiet green area, great for joggers.Tel. 939-8884, fax 938-2200. Nearest Metro: Leninsky Prospekt

Prakash Guest House
Single $25 with breakfast; double $40 without breakfast. Indian-run. Travel support services: invitations, guides, airport rides. Has a business center. 83/1 Profsoyuznaya Ul., 334-2598, Metro Belyayevo. E-mail: South end, good access to the Domodedovo airport, also Vnukovo.  (copy to Hostels / Bed and Breakfast)

Heard that a double room is 300 including breakfast but that doesn't sound possible.
11 Yaroslavskoye Shosse (not far from VDNKh, or the Exhibition Grounds), tel. 188-4485.  Take bus No. 172 from M. VDNKh to Fedoskinakskaya Ul.. Maybe that explains the low price.

Sport Hotel
$40-50, 90-2 Leninsky Prospekt. tel. 737-6700, fax 737-6720, M. Prospekt Vernadskogo. Easy access to Domodedovo and Vnukovo airports. 

$30-40, 38 Leninsky Prospekt (easy access to the Moscow State University, and the Vnukovo and Domodedovo airports). Tel. 930-2287 and 930-4057. M. Leninsky Prospekt, e-mail 

$20-50, as central as it gets, 10 Tverskaya ul, tel.  229-8957.  GOOD FEEDBACK!!

Central House of Tourist
$20-35 with breakfast. Business center. Easy access to Domodedovo, Sheremetyevo, Moscow State University. 146 Leninsky Prospekt, 434-9467. E-mail 

Zarya ("Dawn")
1000-1100R ($30-35) for 2

Hotel of the Academy of Medical Sciences
1000-1100R ($30-35) for 2

Zvezdnaya???? near the National Exhibition grounds, $30-40/night




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